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Pramod Maloo

Pramod Maloo ( Premo) , MBA in Marketing, Founder & head - Kreative Machinez

Pramod Maloo ( Premo)� is an enthusiast about living life to the fullest. Enjoys meeting new people, learning about their culture, online branding, search engine marketing, practicing Power Yoga and Preksha Dhyaan.
Currently Pramod is heading a team of professionals in the area of web designing, marketing, content writing. Identifying new strengths and capabilities in all the 27 team members on a daily basis makes him a favourite among all.

Pramod Maloo's Background

Pramod Maloo's Experience

Founder & Head, Kreative Machinez at Leading Kreative Machinez

February 2009

Pramod Maloo's Education


Bhawanipur College

ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad

IBS Hyderabad

Pramod Maloo's Interests & Activities

Pramod Maloo is interested in meeting people with innovative ideas, practicing power yoga & preksha dhyaan, reading, traveling.

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